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Psycho Steve
I am an artist with an extreme love and interest in both comics and Tattoos as well. Recieved no formal training in either field, I feel as though you either have the talent and can cultivate it on your own, or you don't. I feel like tattoo apprenticships are a waste of time and money,(you're just paying a tattoo artist/shop owner to empty his trash and watch him make MORE money).Tattooing is a ballsy move, but if one really wants to do it.. one must just jump right in and...do it! I spent alot of time reading alot of "Tales from the Crypt", "Creepy" and "Eerie" Magazines, "X-Men", "Spawn" and the likes for years, Became a Tattoo artist a little over Four years ago.
I draw Comics because I love to tell stories and watch people's eyes bug out when they see the work. Same for tattooing. In a way, Tattoos and Comics feed off of eachother and co-exist quite well.

Profile Link: http://www.ComicArtists.org/PsychoSteve

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