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Welcome to my page here in Comic Artists.org

I'm a comic book artist and graphics designer for over a decade now.

Published works include:

He-man Masters Of the Universe Icons Of Evil: Triklops For MV Creations
City Of Heroes Trading Cards For Alderac Entertainment
Exoforce for Lego Toy Company
The Batman Coloring book for DC comics
The Flash Coloring book for DC comics and
Li'l Devilette for Galaxy Graphix to name a few and a dozen comic book novels in Asia and the middle east.

I started getting the itch to draw comic books when i was in college and I have never stopped drawing ever since.

Joseph Caesar S.D.
I'm not fast, I'm Furious

Joseph Caesar Sto. Domingo
Manila  1109 Ph

Profile Link: http://www.ComicArtists.org/Josephcaesarsd

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