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Posted by Hanna on 8/20/2014
motoraty.com is a premium destination in the Middle East where we make car buying so easy. We at motoraty.com have engineered the way online car shopper can navigate, search, and find what they are looking for.

motoraty.com offers credible and easy to understand information from consumers and car experts to help car buyers formulate opinions on what to buy, where to buy and how much to pay for a new or used car. With comprehensive pricing information, dealer reviews, car comparison tools, financial tools, and a rich multimedia section that includes photo and video galleries, and unbiased editorial content. In addition, motoraty.com offers the latest car news locally and globally.

With a detailed car section and comprehensive information, motoraty.com put car buyers behind the wheel, and in control.

Motoraty.com was launched in June 2013, and it is available both in English and Arabic languages. Founded by Johny Giacaman who has extensive experience in digital media.

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